Complete fleet management software (app & web based) that's easy to use and customizable

As your landscaping business grows, so will your number of Greenworks products and crew. As such, there's never been a more important time to gain extensive insights by tracking your equipment's performance and crew in the field. Tracking all this information seamlessly and making sense of it all will insure and enhance your company's efficiency and lead to greater profitability.

Coming 2023
Greenshield™ Theft Protection
• A Geofence prevents the device from being used outside its designated area.
• Remote shut-down
• 4G GPS Tracking
For Landscapers

Manage your crew and equipment from anywhere, anytime.

• Anytime, anywhere: Whether you're in the office, out on a job or halfway across the world, you can manage your crew and equipment.
• Organize the fleet: Set job and crew schedules to maximize efficiencies.
• Analyze performance: Take a deep dive into productivity levels for your crew members and equipment with customized performance analytics.
• Theft protection: Feel confident that your investment is protected with GreenshieldTM Theft Protection.
• Manage maintenance needs: Receive preemptive maintenance and productivity enhancement notices.
• Remote access: Full control over your autonomous robotic mowers fleet.

360° view to help your customers manage Greenworks Commercial products and streamline maintenance requests.

• Real-time views: Save time and money with a complete 360-degree view of customer products.
• Optimize fleet performance: Use live data to make usage recommendations, preemptive maintenance suggestions, remote diagnostics and reports, OTA software updates, accessory recommendations and more.
• Product details at the touch of a screen: Get instant updates on the status and location of equipment, including GreenshieldTM theft protection updates.
• Troubleshooting: Address concerns before they become an issue with status and error indicators, parameter metrics and solution notes.
• Maintenance and service alerts: Keep clients on track with maintenance updates and spare part notices.
• Robust service history: Review service history and service notes for future updates.
• Theft protection: Know the status of units with round-the-clock theft protection via Greenshield" theft protection, and remotely deactivate units that are outside the set geofence.

Models Supported

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